Non-motorized Open House

The Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study

Will Be Hosting

A Non-motorized Open House

This is an opportunity to assist in the development of the non-motorized portion of the KATS 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Kalamazoo Metro Transit
530 N. Rose Street, Kalamazoo

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
2:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Bicycle and pedestrian (non-motorized) travel is a vital part of the Kalamazoo Area’s transportation system. For many communities, biking and pedestrian facilities improve quality of life for residents and make these communities more desirable.

A non-motorized plan for the Kalamazoo Metropolitan Area (including biking and walking) is under development.  Once completed, it will be incorporated into the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study’s 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. In developing the plan, we are:

  • Creating an inventory of existing and planned facilities in the region,
  • Identifying the most critical gaps within the non-motorized network, and
  • Creating a planning resource for communities within the KATS planning area to coordinate facilities across boundaries

Your input is valued and needed!

One thought on “Non-motorized Open House

  1. This may have a positive effect on large urban areas, but it seems ludicrous to put sidewalks or bike paths on county roads in the middle of nowhere. We just don’t need to waste the money, or avoid road improvement in rural areas because of these increased costs. All of the roads affected are not in need of these construction features and costs. It has been hard enough to complete needed repairs, without adding additional costs. We need to step back and look at the needs and requirements of all roads involved. Thanks .

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