Transportation Management Area (TMA) Certification Review Update

On March 22-24, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) conducted the first transportation planning certification review for KATS. The objective is to determine if the process meets the federal transportation planning requirements which are prerequisites to the advancement of federal transportation projects in the urbanized area.

KATS Chair, Don Ulsh, received a letter dated July 19 from Russell L. Jorgensen, P.E., Division Administrator for the Federal Highway Administration and Marisol R. Simon, Regional Administrator for the Federal Transit Administration, which stated that KATS process substantially meets the federal transportation planning regulations and jointly certified the planning process for KATS.

The TMA letter can be found at the following link: TMA Letter

KATS will be having a conference call in September to discuss the results.

2 thoughts on “Transportation Management Area (TMA) Certification Review Update

  1. I was hoping to find the TMA planning process information on your website as our Reg’l Plg Com. is coordinating with our neighboring RPC on creating something similar. We have a good draft still hoped to compare what we’ve drafted with another reg’l plan’g com’s that has passed muster with their state’s DOT.

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