Policy Committee Meeting May 29

The Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study Policy Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at Metro, 530 N. Rose Street. Meeting materials related to the agenda may be found at the following link: May Policy Meeting Materials

Other documents related to the May Policy Committee Meeting are found below.

The Draft FY 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program
FY 2020 Unified Planning Work Program

Public notice of public involvement activities, meetings and time established for public review and comments on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) will satisfy the Program of Projects (POP) requirements for the following grantees: The Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority, the Central County Transportation Authority and Van Buren Public Transit.

River to River Trail Planning Study

The River to River Trail Planning Study is now complete.  The objective of the River to River Trail Planning Study is to recommend a preferred route for a non-motorized trail connection from the Kalamazoo County trail system to the Kent County trail system. Specifically, the trail plan looked at a route connecting the existing Kalamazoo River Valley trailhead at D Avenue in Cooper Township north to M-6 connector trail on 68th Street SE in Cutlerville. The complete document can be found at the following link: River to River Trail Planning Study or on the “Other Documents” section of KATS website.

KATS Moves Launch

KATS Moves is a community-driven plan to enhance pedestrian, greenway, and transit facilities throughout the greater Kalamazoo Metro region. Bicycle and non-motorized facilities have been expanding in the Kalamazoo region, and there is a desire for more as evidence by local community planning and KATS’ 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Please visit our project page to view the interactive mapping site and public survey where your comments and suggestions will be used to craft this plan:


or request hardcopy materials (known as our Meeting-in-a-Box)

from: Steve Stepek, KATS Project Manager sstepek@katsmpo.org (269) 343-0766.

2016 MTPA Conference Presentations

The presentations for the 2016 Michigan Transportation Planning Association (MTPA) Conference are now available at the following links:

Rural Task Force Program Update – Darrell Harden
Professional Development in Planning – Why it is Important – Andrea Brown and Lynee Wells
How Performance Measures Impact Border Policy – Christopher Dingman
Performance Based Planning – Kenneth Petty
Pedestrian and Greenway Connections in Downtown Kalamazoo – Bill Rose
Local Development Partnerships – Andrew Haan and James Tischler
Legislative Update – Aarne Frobom and Polly Kent
Ladders of Opportunity – Kenneth Petty
Intergovernmental Partnerships – Pam Boyd
Going Zero to 70 – Grand Rapids Bike Safety Education – Christopher Zull
Freight Topics – Elisha DeFrain
Evolving Roadway Design Policies for Walking and Bicycling – Josh DeBruyn
Downtown Trail Partnerships – Matt Johnson and Rebekah Kik
Creating Accessible Content – Michele McGowen and Dale Abbott
Complete Streets in Paw Paw – Mickey Bittner and Larry Nielsen
Congestion Management Process and MiTravel Counts – Brad Sharlow and Karen Faussett
Building Metropolitan Planning Organization / Regional Planning Agency Engagement with Transit Agencies in Southwest Michigan – Kim Gallagher
A Community Vision for Transit – Sean McBride
Woodward Avenue Complete Streets Study – Barb Arens and Daniel Beard
The Web Based Transportation Improvement Program – Eric Mullen
Transportation Asset Management Council – Roger Belknap
A New Vision for the St. Joseph River Harbor – John Egelhaaf