Time Reporting

The Kalamazoo Transportation Study Time Activity and Cost Report for FY 2023 is now available.

PDF Cost Form
Excel Cost Form

The PDF form is compatible with Adobe Reader.  The form is not compatible with web or system viewers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  Please download to your computer and open in Adobe Reader for full functionality.

Adobe Reader may be downloaded HERE.


Since KATS now receives a consolidated planning grant (FHWA and FTA combined), the FY 2023 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) also consolidated work group items.

The new work group numbers and examples of eligible activities are listed below.


  • Development of agency capital programs as part of identification of federal-aid projects for the Transportation Improvement Program
  • Consult with others to develop capital and operating programs
  • Financial cost and revenue projections for future federal road improvements
  • Public information and involvement activities for federal-aid projects (pre-construction)
  • Specific meetings to address the amending of the Transportation Improvement Program as necessary, separate from Technical and Policy Committee meetings
  • Development of the Fiscal Year 2024 Unified Planning Work Program (identification of future efforts to be used at match to the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study program)
  • Address Title VI requirements on required programs and projects
  • Provide assistance to agencies involved in development of plans and programs that impact federal aid system (brownfields, land use, etc.)
  • Identification of proposed bridges for the Local Bridge and Safety Programs
  • Working with Roadsoft and PMS data to identify projects using Asset Management principles
  • Using crash and other data to identify safety projects and to monitor the effectiveness of completed projects
  • Participation in Southcentral Traffic Safety Committee meetings
  • Identify areas of congestion and develop projects to reduce that congestion
  • Congestion Mitigation Air Quality project application development and Subcommittee meetings
  • Monitor the capital equipment of the Public Transportation system to help program replacements
  • Coordination of project development with local residents, units of government, transportation agencies and businesses.


  • Updating population and employment changes for the transportation demand model
  • Monitoring trends in development
  • Traffic and highway performance monitoring
  • System counts including volume, turning, classification, and others on the federal-aid system
  • Travel time studies
  • Maintaining the roadway inventory of traffic controls
  • Maintaining bridge condition inventories and using that information to develop project applications
  • Aerial imagery, Pictometry licensing, and GIS Parcel Updates
  • Participation in the development of Performance Based Planning and Programming measures and targets, data inventorying, and determination of additional data needs
  • Transit Data Collection including:
    • Monitoring of public transportation operations
    • Monitoring of public transportation performance and demand for service
    • Data collection program review of Kalamazoo Metro Transit and Metro County Connect
    • Public transportation system monitoring (Metro Fixed Route and Metro County Connect)
    • Ridership measurement and rider characteristics
    • Vehicle operation measurements
    • Vehicle service hours and miles
    • Vehicle revenue hours and miles
    • Ridership composition
    • Performance measurements
    • Data required for the PTMS supported by MDOT
    • Measurement of “No-Shows” (Metro County Connect)
    • Socio-Economic Study data collection
    • National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting Review (Metro)


  • Work on non-motorized planning efforts
  • Development and Updates of local Complete Streets policies
  • Planning activities including local master/land use plans and updates
  • Monitoring and Updates to the KATS Complete Streets Policy (as needed)
  • Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) programs
  • Highway system surveillance and reporting
  • Road corridor and intersection studies
  • Access management activities
  • Corridor studies
  • Intersection analysis
  • Pavement markings and signage inventories
  • Identification of key access management techniques
  • Traffic impact studies on federal-aid system
  • Transit Long Range Planning Activities including:
    • Public transportation system route performance analysis (on-time performance reports)
    • Operations analysis (transfer studies, route productivity, schedule adherence)
    • Comprehensive Routing Analysis implementation of recommendations, as needed
    • Title VI Update
    • NTD Reporting
    • Review of coordinated human resources plan for public transportation
    • A range of transit analysis studies jointly undertaken by the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the transit properties (KATS)
    • Coordination assistance with transition of transportation authorities to Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority
    • Public transportation demand studies
    • Public transportation operational and route studies
    • Data collection for transit model portion of Travel Demand Model
    • Other development and transportation studies


  • Work to integrate safe and accessible options for multiple travel modes within the planning process
  • Work to incorporate a Complete Streets prioritization plan within the MTP that identifies a specific list of Complete Streets projects to improve the safety, mobility, or accessibility of a street
  • Review and update the Non-motorized Component of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan as needed
  • Integrate non-motorized transportation into scenario planning to address livability in the Metropolitan Planning Area
  • Review and revise the Complete Streets Policy as needed

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