Metropolitan Transportation Plan

For almost 50 years, the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study (KATS) has been the principal agency charged with planning for the future transportation needs of the Kalamazoo Metropolitan Area. Since its inception, KATS has worked to address current issues while also looking toward the future to craft a vision for the region in a long-range plan.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) covers a minimum of a 20-year planning horizon.  It discusses strategies and projects to develop and maintain an integrated multimodal transportation system.  It also outlines the area’s goals for the transportation system.  The plan includes road, public transit, and non-motorized facilities and discusses intermodal linkages.    The plan must be fiscally constrained and is reviewed, or updated, every four years.

KATS is now accepting projects for the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan through October 23, 2020.  More information, as well as the project concept form, can be found in this website posting.

2050 MTP Project Concept Form
2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Adopted 4-27-2016
2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Appendix E – Travel Demand Model Technical Documentation

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