Air Quality Conformity Analysis

The Transportation Conformity Determination Report for the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek Limited Orphan Maintenance Area has been drafted and is available for public comment. The air quality conformity analysis includes the Kalamazoo MPO area, the Battle Creek MPO area, and the rural areas of Calhoun, Kalamazoo and VanBuren Counties. KATS’ public comment period will run from September 29, 2021 to November 24, 2021. Please submit comments to Steve Stepek or Megan Mickelson by email, by phone at 269-343-0766 or online by commenting on this post.

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Policy Committee Meeting

The Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study Policy Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at Metro, 530 N. Rose Street. Meeting materials related to the agenda may be found at the following link: March Meeting Materials

The complete Draft Project Listing 20-23 TIP is available online.

Access to the full Air Quality Conformity Analysis for Kalamazoo Battle Creek Conformity Area is available online.

Public notice of public involvement activities and meetings will satisfy the Program of Projects (POP) requirements for the following grantees: The Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority, the Central County Transportation Authority and Van Buren Public Transit.

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Transportation conformity provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendments require Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) make a determination that the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and projects conform to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) and regional emissions will not negatively impact the region’s ability to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The purpose of this report is to document the process and findings of the transportation conformity analysis for the conformity area.

Air Quality Conformity Analysis for Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas.

Projects included in the analysis are available online. Project Listings for Conformity

Public comment on the draft conformity analysis ends  March 20, 2019. Comments can be sent to