Traffic Counts

Access to local traffic counts throughout Kalamazoo County is now available through the following website:

The local traffic counts are from the cities of Portage and Kalamazoo as well as the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Please contact Steve Stepek at (269) 343-0766 or by email at with questions.

Access to statewide traffic counts can be found on MDOT’s new Traffic Database Management System (TDMS), at

MDOT’s Traffic Dashboard is now available!
Statewide Dynamic Traffic Dashboard

Any questions regarding TDMS or MDOT’s Traffic Monitoring Program can be directed to Edward Potter by email at

2 thoughts on “Traffic Counts

  1. Could you leave a PDF version of the document for academic citation?

    • We will contact you as soon as the PDF export of the data is available on our website. Thank you for your suggestion!

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